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So you’ve just had your results. What’s next for you?

If it didn’t quite go to plan and you didn’t achieve the minimum required grades for A Levels, we can support you. We understand that getting the necessary GCSE grades for A Level study can be challenging, so knowing about the different routes open to you now is a great place to start.

Our Access to A Levels programme combines five GCSE courses including English Language, English Literature, Maths, Double Science, and Media. These five subjects are essential for any student who wants to pursue their A Level studies in the future. You would choose four (or preferably five) of these.

So if your past grades are holding you back from your future aspirations, this course just might be the one for you to improve your qualifications and progress. You will need Grade 4 and above at GCSE, or overseas qualifications which ENIC judges to be the equivalent of five “good” UK GCSEs (plus an English language assessment).

Principal Dr Matt Lamb said: “We are committed to supporting your academic journey and helping you to achieve your potential. Our expert teaching staff will guide you through the GCSE curriculum, helping you to achieve the necessary grades for your A Level studies. We offer a supportive learning environment that will give you the confidence to succeed.”

To find out more about our Access to A Levels programme, just come to our enrolment days during any of the times listed.

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