One World performers on stage

One World played a hugely successful part of Summer Unity Fest – a celebratory week across the Sandwell family of campuses for everyone to unite, reflect and have fun.

Sandwell College celebrated the festival week with an incredible showcase of diversity, talent and togetherness at its annual One World event. Central Saint Michael’s very own A Level Science lecturers Dr Ross Cooper and Dr Avtar Singh joined in with the cultural celebrations, performing the Bob Dylan classic Blowin’ In The Wind on the main stage. Avtar played a Dil Ruba – an Indian string instrument which literally means ‘to enchant the heart’, while Ross played hard wood clapper sticks from Africa.

Avtar said: “We were pleased that our performance complemented the Principal’s theme of Harmony. He quoted President John F Kennedy and mentioned the 60s, and this song is also from that era. The message we were trying to convey was one of living in Harmony with the environment: Blowin’ In The Wind could be taken as a reference to our atmosphere, in the good sense: the potential of using wind as a renewable energy resource and as a negative: the pollution we are releasing into our precious atmosphere.”

A host of talented artists and performers performed on the colourful main stage, from Wen Sheung dancers, Eternal Taal drums, Giddah, Kathak, Ecuadorian, Columbian and Congolese dancers to K-pop, street dance, storytelling and Afrobeat, and so much more besides, while learners and lecturers wore their national and regional dress.

A series of speakers opened the inspirational event, including Principal Graham Pennington and Councillor Ahmed Bostan. Stalls were also selling a wide variety of handmade crafts and gifts and serving delicious food from around the world.

One World Organiser Manjit Johal said: “This event is a fantastic opportunity for us to come together and celebrate our global community. Every year we make One World a more memorable one.”

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