French students at the Louvre Museum

Central Saint Michael’s A Level French students embarked on an exciting study visit to Paris, Amiens and Beauvais.

Sandwell is twinned with Le Blanc Mesnil – a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris – and thanks to our involvement with the Sandwell-Le Blanc Mesnil twinning association, our students were able to enjoy great opportunities to speak French and make new friends in France.

Students visited iconic Parisian landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, magnificent Montmartre and Le Louvre Museum, where they had the privilege of seeing da Vinci’s Mona Lisa masterpiece.

While exploring Amiens and Beauvais, the learners enjoyed a three-course meal, a disco night and a play at the local theatre.

They were led by French lecturer Michaël Lacoult and Psychology lecturer Amy Chambers, and joined by 18 members of the twinning association.

We are now looking forward to returning the favour and welcoming a French group to Sandwell next year!

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