Dr Matt Lamb

We all know exam season can be stressful, but with the right preparation you can do well, and even make the A (or A star) grade! Here Central Saint Michael’s Sixth Form Principal, Dr Matt Lamb, tells us what we can do to ensure exam success and get the right result.

“Whether you’re doing GCSEs or A Levels there are some simple but effective tips to ensure that you do as well as you can.

Firstly, give yourself adequate time to prepare. The key to success is 80 per cent preparation and 20 per cent exam technique. So, make those exam notes and give yourself time to memorise them and practice questions.

Secondly, go through past exam papers and identify where you lost marks. Go through your mock papers, circle where you made mistakes and fix them.

Thirdly, get your teacher’s advice. Ask your teacher where you went wrong and ask them how you gain marks.

Fourthly, learn from the people around you. Get a paper from a friend who did better than you and copy what they did well!

Fifthly, fix those mistakes you made during your mocks. Re-do the paper and then get it re-marked.

Sixthly use an exam planner. Sit down and plan your revision in the run-up to the exams so you know what you are revising and when. Don’t under-estimate how much there is to learn.

Finally, do lots of practice papers. Do at least five per subject and get them marked.

When you get into the exam room, stay calm (breathing exercises work), ration your time in the exam according to the number of marks each question is worth and make sure you answer all the questions. If you follow these tips you will find your exams a lot easier!”

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