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• Would you like to get some expert advice and insider tips on how to organise your career journey?
• Have you ever wondered how you get into industries like law, publishing, the media or medicine?
• Do you want to be on television or do you want to investigate crime?
• Are your aspirations leaning towards running your own business or becoming a chartered accountant?

Whatever your future goals are, join us at Central Saint Michael’s Sixth Form for our insightful series of ‘So You Want To Be A…’ masterclasses. These unique career events are a perfect opportunity to speak to specialists who actually work in the industry you are interested in, and who will tell you what the job is really like and what kind of progression is available to you.

Our career experts will give you all the tips, tricks and advice on what you need to do to become anything from a lawyer, best-selling writer, criminologist or doctor to a podcaster. Whatever your dream is, we have something for you!

Our previous masterclasses have covered:

  • what it’s like to interview famous people by The Guardian’s night sports editor
  • reporting on 9/11 and Brexit by an experienced BBC commentator
  • are criminals made by society or are they simply born bad?
  • why do people break the law and what can be done about it?

Studying Criminology shows you different approaches to solving and preventing crimes and it can lead to careers in law, forensics, probation, prisons and the police force. Studying Business helps you analyse organisations, set deadlines and delegate tasks to your project team, identifying any potential risks, which means it can be incredibly useful for planning and managing your personal workload. Plus you can combine it with complementary subjects such as Law.

So You Want to Work in Business? is the first of our events running on Wednesday 21 February from 4.15 to 5.30pm.

If you’d like to book a place, tickets are available now here

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