Female Central Saint Michael's Sixth Form students working on a group project

We asked some of our recent Central Saint Michael’s Sixth Form graduates to share the revision tips and study hacks that really helped them. Our alumni all faced different challenges in getting to grips with their exam revision, but what they’ve got in common is that they all have heaps of helpful hints, hacks and words of wisdom they want to share with you!


Don’t compare yourself

One of the things I struggled with was comparing my grades and ability to understand concepts with my peers. Later I realised everyone learns at their own pace and in other ways. Flashcards may be perfect for someone else and maybe not so much for you! So make sure you know your way to revise, or test out different ways to know your preferred revision technique.

Take rests and breaks

Sometimes work can be quite overwhelming and it can pile up. So make sure you have a consistent routine and do not leave it. It’ll only be hard for you. Also make sure you take time off to relax or chill with friends and stay hydrated!


Ask for help

Back then I wish I knew not to be as afraid and not give up because you will eventually get it if you put your mind to it. Do not be afraid to ask for help from anyone. Everyone at CSM is amazing and so helpful.


Organisation and time management are key

By organising when you plan to revise or study certain subjects, not only do you limit your worry and stress about when you’ll have time to fit things in, you also save time you would otherwise spend procrastinating. You are more likely to actually get on with the tasks you set yourself as you can limit distractions by planning around your studies.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s personal, academic or any other issue. The staff at Central Saint Michael’s are there to help and assist you through your time, and most of all they want to! Your teachers just want you to do your best, they might ask you to come in for extra sessions or even set you up meetings with mentors (students in A2) who can assist you personally. The teachers are always just looking for ways to help.

Take care of yourself

If lockdown taught us anything, it’s that mental health is a huge factor of our overall health! And whilst college does involve a lot of work and study time, it’s also really important that you take time for yourself and your well-being. Whether your downtime is watching your favourite Netflix show, going on a walk to clear your mind, going out with friends on the weekend or even just having a nap, it’s vital that you take time out of a busy work schedule to relax. Not only will you feel better for it, but you’ll also find that you have better focus when it comes to your work, as you’re not depriving yourself of fun! Finding that balance is key and there are many people at Central Saint Michael’s who can help with this.


Central Saint Michael’s do encourage and support you hugely. There are so many tutors and teachers you can express your concerns to, as well as so many quiet spaces to study if you find it hard to focus at home. You need to have that self-motivation and desire to do well when at college, but Central Saint Michael’s celebrates your efforts and supports you every step of the way.


Most important

Divide your revision time and social life and have fun. You will do well!